Equal Opportunity Offender

While section of the Lingomaniac’s Handbook specifically encourages being nice to people, we’re not crazy enough to think that pursuing Lingomania won’t produce the occasional insult or potentially offensive word. Our commitment is to genuinely aim to avoid offending anyone due to:






6.Sexual Orientation


8.Several other worthy categories

We want any offense we cause to be equally distributed to everyone who sees it. It should stand alone as offensive rather than be offensive to any one particular group.

That said, it is possible that celebrities or other public figures may do something that deserves acknowledgement through a specifically targeted word. In these situations, we aim to offend the individual irrespective of their participation in any of the above groups. Everyone has the equal chance to be insulted or offended by us if their actions merit it.

Finally, a decision by us to lampoon an individual should not be regarded as suggesting we dislike them. In many cases, it may be a robust statement of affection (see Swiftirate in the Lingomania Dictionary) or a plaintive cry for attention (see Swiftirate in Lingomania Dictionary).

We are proud to be Equal Opportunity Offenders.