Frequently asked questions

Are you curious or furious? Either way, hopefully these answers to common Lingomaniac questions can put you at ease.

Please contact us if you do not see your question answered below:

We are enthusiastic to receive any new words you'd like to submit to the Lingomania dictionary. When you are submitting words please be aware of the following:

1.All new words will go into the "New Words" dictionary for evaluation by registered Lingomaniacs

2.All new words will be time stamped and connected to the person submitting them

3.First person to submit a word "owns" it

4.New words will be added to the Official Lingomaniac's Dictionary upon:
Adulation by 500 or more registered Lingomaniacs
Selection by Ignatius Shoestring and associated entitites have the right to use any submitted word, or modification of it, in any way they see fit.

6.We reserve the right to reject words regarded as "too similar" to previously registered words/definitions

7.Any words that are insults, have sexual connotations, or could be "adult" in nature, should be categorized as "adult" and will therefore only be displayed to users 18 years or older. If you're uncertain - choose "adult". Poor decision-making on this front will make us grumpy and could have unhappy consequences for the user.

Ignatius is working furiously to update this book in a timely manner. That said, there are a number of Lingomania books at various stages of development. We’ll keep you informed through the web-site and member updates!

Our instructional videos (available to members) will take you through the basics. If you want more detail, we highly recommend buying Ignatius’s latest book – Lingomania.

Absolutely! Any member of the site can submit words. If you’re the first to do so, the word and its meaning will be registered on your behalf and your name connected to it. We’ll have the right to use and promote the word, but it will always be registered in the Lingomania dictionary in your name.

Absolutely! If you want to submit a Word of the Day video, simply follow the basic outline provided (see link) and we’ll inform you if we decide to use it.

This is a very common question. As a celebrity, Ignatius seems to be constantly linked to other famous and successful personalities. However, in reality he is very happy with his current relationship and therefore should be regarded as “taken”.

While enjoying Lingomania may seem a little naughty, we are not aware of any state, province or country where it is illegal. It is possible your Lingomania exploits may produce words that don’t perfectly meet the rules of word creation, but we’re not going to hold it against you!

We have been told that this may happen occasionally and that it is likely to be related to your browser’s cache – if you empty the cache, it should work. If not, please contact us and we’ll try to help

What a great question, thanks for asking. Firstly, we’d recommend that you watch Ignatius’s award winning overview (well, we gave it an award – he likes that sort of stuff) of how to make a word. Then, before you exercise all that you’ve learnt – please become a registered user, because only they can submit words.

When you register, we ask for your name, email and birthdate – We want your name because Ignatius likes to have us read new members’ names to him each morning. We want your email because we’d like to send you the occasional non-intrusive, highly sensitive to your feelings, email telling you what we’re up to. We want your birthdate because we need to be able to confirm you’re an adult or an authorized minor, and we may send you a “Happy Birthday” note. We will not share your data with anyone or any entity outside of our business and we value your trust too much to mess with that. As we grow, we’ll add more protection and more control for you

For the first few weeks, that will be true. But we’re working on some modifications that will ensure adult material is only viewable by adults. It would be inefficient to go back and ask for the data, so we’re asking up front.

While love is a good reason, we’ll also throw in five other good reasons:

1. You’ll be able to submit new words to our dictionary

2. You’ll get discounts and special offers on cool stuff (including first shot at some limited edition cool stuff)

3. In a few weeks you’ll be able to accumulate points towards your Lingomaniac Certification (and we do mean certification)

4. And you’ll also have a chance to see new words as they’re submitted (coming soon to a website near you… we do mean

5. There’ll be a bunch of content only you can see

We’re in the process of creating a system where you can progress from beginner through to your Masters in Lingomania. You’ll accumulate points by making words, completing puzzles and generally being an upstanding Lingomaniac. While the system won’t be ready for a few weeks, we’ll back-date the points, so start to exercise your Lingomania today – “If you dare!”

In the first few weeks of Lingomania, we won’t have a way to show you submitted words, but they’ll be there. We’ll keep meticulous records and love your words like our own. We’ll check daily and promote several words each day to the official Lingomania Dictionary. If your word makes it in the dictionary you’ll be able to see it in all of its glory. When we’ve got the kinks worked out, we’ll introduce a system that allows you to see the words before they’re approved!