Lingomania Competitions

At Lingomania, we believe in providing multiple opportunities for you to win Lingomania Paraphernalia including Iggy’s Book, t-shirts and other cool stuff. Here’s how you can win!

1. Submit your new words on the Word Creation Page
Every word submitted has the chance to win “Word of the Week”. If your word is selected, apart from unending glory, you’ll win a copy of Lingomania signed by Ignatius Shoestring!

2. Submit your "Word of the Day" video
If you make a word that you feel would be a great “Word of the Day”, create a video to go with it (based on our recommended approach (link to video) and submit it to us. If it is selected as a “Word of the Day” you’ll win our exclusive “Word of the Day” Genius t-shirt!

3. Have fun!
Submit words, submit videos, or send us additional word elements for WES and we’ll award prizes for just being a Lingomaniac!